self-guided tour

customers preK - 8th grade educators

users teachers + students 

goals reduce program cost for school groups; maintain high quality program experience & delivery of standards-aligned content


> researched teacher training practices, TEKS applications, participation data from prior years

> connected with similar businesses beyond our userbase to examine usability, barriers, potential for growth

> met with current and potential customers to gain valuable insight on features & prioritization 

> released four iterations, each tested by focus groups and education director. final features included: mini-lessons divided by garden location; menu of options organized by TEKS applications; removal of all external products (magnifying lenses, binoculars, etc)

results program attracted new customers, while maintaining relationships with early adopters. since implementation in 2010, program continues to operate with few modifications (but could likely be updated if prioritized). see it here.

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Lisa Subeck, Treasurer


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